Magnesium oxide

Feed Magnesium Oxide MgO is a feed additive for the production of compound feed and premixes for farm animals. It is used to enrich and balance the diet of animals with magnesium. Lack of magnesium leads to metabolic disorders, causing high mortality in animals, and also activates the parathyroid glands. In pigs, increased nervous system excitability, unsteady gait, ataxia and tetanic attacks are observed. Calves show the same fatal symptoms. In chickens and ducks, loss of appetite, plumage deteriorates, growth retardation, and cardiac arrhythmias appear. Muscle tension decreases, ataxia, convulsions occur, calcium salts are deposited in the kidneys and heart, and death is frequent. Magnesium oxide absorbs gases from the digestive tract of animals very well, so it is used in veterinary medicine in the treatment of intestinal flatulence or tympanic infections. Magnesium Oxide is used as an ingredient in diets or compound feeds when magnesium supplements are needed. The drug should be actively used in the composition of diets on farms where fluoride poisoning is observed.