Who we are?


The success and prosperity of our company is based on five basic principles. We base all our activities and relations with business partners on them.

We comply and care with the highest safety standards and strive to eliminate accidents and incidents completely
We encourage our employees to constantly improve their qualifications. They are involved in their work and take full responsibility for it.
With great care and commitment, we follow the rules and are honest in business transactions. We provide our partners with the highest quality of service for the tasks entrusted to us.



PSChem has a clearly defined perspective on what - as an enterprise - want to be now and in the future.

  • We are a safe trusted and sure distributor of raw and semi-finished chemical products for the needs of manufacturing companies.
  • In our business activity PSChem connect chemical industry entities and we are an effective industry sales channel for our clients and suppliers.
  • We offer a professional sales and marketing organization in the industry, ensuring the highest standards.
  • We strive to create a work environment in which the best people want to work.
  • We generate sustainable, high returns for shareholders.

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